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Our Vision

A better quality of life through care, support and connection.

Our Mission

To support healthy living and create connections through:

  • Supporting independence at home
  • Fostering early learning and development
  • Connecting people in need

Our Values

Our culture of caring is rooted in dignity, respect, trust and accountability.

Pillars and Goals 2020-2023

Community Well Being

  • Improve connections to increase community impact
  • Develop programs and services that respond to community need
  • Provide leadership to improve the continuum of care.

Culture of Caring

  • Encourage professional development opportunities
  • Foster exceptional workplace practices to become the employer of choice
  • Exhibit people centred mind set based on equity and compassion

Organizational Agility

  • Maintain stewardship through organizational governance practices
  • Promote fiscal responsibility and sustainability
  • Build operating principles based on informed decision making and efficiency