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  • Stakeholder
    Client, Client’s family, Caregiver, Donor, Service provider, Community partner and the general public
  • Point-of-care personnel
    Employee, Student, Volunteer, Home Maintenance & Repair provider
  • Feedback
    Stakeholder opinions – both positive and negative – about Links2 Care programs, services, and their overall experience with Links2Care
  • Complaint
    An expression of dissatisfaction about the service, actions or lack of action by Links2Care or a point-of- care personnel acting on behalf of Links2Care
  • Complainant
    Person(s) lodging complaint


Links2Care is committed to providing quality care and working in collaboration and partnership with our stakeholders and values their feedback. It is the intent of Links2Care that all personnel comply with all Links2Care policies and procedures and are accountable for behaviour that reflects our core values of respect, dignity, trustworthiness, accountability, and offers support to those endeavouring to bring to light an area for improvement or an area of strength.

If a stakeholder reasonably believes that a Links2Care service level or care experience is unsatisfactory or unacceptable, they are encouraged to share their feedback with us, to voice their concern and enable us to improve the area that requires development or improvement. Stakeholders, who bring forward such concerns in good faith need not fear any reprisals from Links2Care. Conversely, if a service or care experience has been exceptional, we encourage this feedback as well, to enable us to build on this success.

To ensure convenience and accessibility for our stakeholders, Links2Care offers a variety of opportunities to provide feedback: electronically, in writing, by telephone, or, of course, in person.

If dissatisfaction expressed by a client or stakeholder is identified directly to a point-of-care personnel, it is the responsibility of that point-of-care personnel to report the complaint to his/her supervisor immediately.

Links2Care will use the information obtained during the information gathering process to improve services and/or enhance the care experience of the client and or their caregiver or family.

The Director of the service about which a complaint is being provided, is responsible for ensuring that all complaints are investigated appropriately within the established timeline and according to the impact of the event.

The Chief Executive Officer and Privacy Officer will be kept apprised of all complaints that are not resolved to mutual satisfaction by the Director responsible for the service within a timely manner.  Links2Care will track all feedback, whether favourable or unfavourable and include this in our quality improvement annual review.



Providing Feedback about an Unsatisfactory Care/Service Experience

  • All stakeholders have the right to provide Links2Care with feedback about the quality of our care or services. Clients and/or their caregiver or family will be informed of our Feedback Policy upon admission to service, as permitted by privacy guidelines and with client consent.
  • Any Links2Care point-of-care personnel is required to report the complaint to their direct supervisor or on-call supervisor within 24 hours of receipt.
  • The supervisor will contact the complainant within 48 hours to acknowledge receipt of their complaint and will review the information provided and the process to achieve resolution.  Timelines may be accelerated if complaints concern health and/or safety related to client safety or Links2Care care or service personnel.

Information Gathering Process

  • A Links2Care supervisor or director will connect with the complainant and document the details using the Service Feedback Form.
  • Links2Care personnel will investigate the complaint for the purpose of seeking to understand perspectives and to support resolution.
  • If a health and safety issue is discovered through the information gathering process, efforts will be accelerated to mitigate risk and facilitate timely resolution.
  • The supervisor or director is responsible for providing updates to the complainant as necessary, for sharing the results of the information gathering and analysis process and for discussing options to support resolution.
  • Outcome of the information gathering process leading toward resolution will be provided in writing and shared with the client and complainant. The resolution will also be shared with Links2Care personnel, as appropriate, to support quality and/or process improvement.
  • The Chief Executive Officer and the Privacy Officer will be kept apprised of all complaints that are not resolved to mutual satisfaction by the Director responsible for the service within a timely manner.

Tracking of Feedback

  • The Risk, Quality and Communications Coordinator will receive copies of all feedback and resolutions for the purpose of collecting this feedback (both positive and negative) to support Quality Improvement Planning.
  • Feedback identifying concerns and successes will be tracked and reviewed annually by the Quality Improvement Committee to inform quality improvement processes for the year ahead.


Links2Care’s Privacy Officer

Narinder Nijjar
905-844-0252 x 104
2030 Bristol Circle, Suite 202, Oakville, ON  L6H 6H0

Ontario Patient

If resolution to an expressed concern cannot be found, the contact information of the Office of the Patient Ombudsman will be shared:  1-888-321-0339 or Patient Ombudsman

Feedback Form

  • If different from above
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • The information above is accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that my feedback will be addressed in accordance with Links2Care’s Feedback Policy, and that although it will be treated confidentially as appropriate, it may be necessary for Links2Care to contact me for more information and I will assist as necessary. I also understand that a decision may not necessarily be reversed.

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