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March 18, 2021

We are pleased to announce that Links2Care has raised $9,331.00 through our Coldest Night of the Year CNOY 2021 fundraiser.

But don’t worry, you haven’t missed out yet – donations are still being accepted until the end of March at As we did last year, all funds raised will be put to practical use to improve our clients’ quality of life, independence and dignity throughout Halton.

We’d like to share just one client story to illustrate the incredible impact of last year’s CNOY donations.

When our Links2Care Community Navigator was first connected with our client, he was living in his car. Chronic homelessness and poor nutrition and hygiene had resulted in deteriorated health and the loss of his teeth. In collaboration with our community partners, the client was placed in a hotel as temporary shelter where we provided a hot soft food diet along with other basic needs and on-going Community Navigation and mental health support. Our joint housing collaborative eventually secured stable housing, but “gumming” food remained a major health barrier until Links2Care was able to allocate dental care funding. The new dentures enable consumption of freshly prepared foods and promote wellbeing and overall independence. The client is thrilled but admits it is a learning curve to chew normal food again without choking or biting their tongue and to maintain a healthy weight. Small things we take for granted become this client’s milestone goals – like eating a steak for this year’s birthday!

We can’t even imagine the challenges some people face and how various factors including financial and social struggles can even impact a person’s teeth which in turn can have such an adverse effect on wellbeing!

We are just so proud that we at Links2Care have been able to play a part in this collaborative effort along with everyone else who contributed to CNOY behind the scenes, in active participation and through donations and sponsorship. A lovely pat on the back to you all!