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About the Initiative

July 29, 2020

  Connection in Action is an initiative of Community Safety and Well-Being in Halton Social isolation among adults 55 and older – Every door is the right door What is the Connection in Action Halton Initiative all about? Through collaboration and partnership, we are a group of organizations who have come together to address social… Continue reading About the Initiative

Shop and Drop Support

April 28, 2020

Stay Safe with our New Halton Hills Shop and Drop Support Program In a time where everyone is staying home, Links2Care is offering to assist isolated Halton Hills residents who are unable to shop independently and who have no family/friend supports available, with pick-up and delivery of groceries and pharmacy items. Ideally, you should order… Continue reading Shop and Drop Support

Contact Us

March 26, 2020

To learn more about the Connection in Action Halton Initiative Leave us a message below Call 905-844-0252 Email [email protected] Follow us on Facebook  To get help If you or someone you know is at risk of or currently experiencing social isolation (no cost to Halton adults aged 55 and older) Submit a completed Connection in… Continue reading Contact Us


March 26, 2020

Information and Reports

March 26, 2020

Information and Reports on Social Isolation and Loneliness Community Development Halton: Our Halton 2018 Seniors Report Community Development Halton: Seniors Loneliness and Social Isolation 2016 Report Community Safety & Well-Being Halton: A Plan for Collaboration & Action Elder Abuse Ontario: Educational Webinars Hamilton Seniors Isolation Impact Plan National Seniors Council: Report on the Social Isolation… Continue reading Information and Reports

Get Involved

March 26, 2020

How to get Involved in the Connection in Action Project LITE Education (Loneliness, Isolation to Empowerment) If you are an organization or service provider that supports adults aged 55 and older, consider joining us for educational sessions that help to build the community’s capacity to identify and support social isolation and loneliness among adults over… Continue reading Get Involved

Community Resources

March 26, 2020

Community Resources for Social Isolation and Loneliness Please click on the downloadable PDF’s below to access the Connection in Action Halton pamphlet and Municipal Resources pamphlet that contain information and resources to support adults 55 and older during COVID-19. Please note: If printing for public distribution, please contact [email protected] Ontario 211: A helpline and online… Continue reading Community Resources

Connection Specialist

March 26, 2020

Connection Specialist The Connection in Action Initiative is directly supporting community members 55 and older across Halton who may be at risk of or experiencing social isolation (during COVID-19 or otherwise) through one-on-one assistance with a Connection Specialist who is specially trained to support adults 55 and older with accessing information and resources in their… Continue reading Connection Specialist

Factors of Social Isolation

March 26, 2020

Risk Factors and Barriers to Social Isolation There are many risk factors and barriers that can contribute to social isolation among adults 55 and older including the current COVID-19 regulations and protocols, life transitions that shift roles and responsibilities and age-related changes affecting vision or hearing. The risk factors and barriers are often unique for… Continue reading Factors of Social Isolation

Signs of Social Isolation

March 26, 2020

Signs of Social Isolation and Loneliness Social isolation and loneliness are often connected and intertwined but the terms refer to different objective and subjective experiences. Social isolation is defined as having low quantity and quality of interactions with others, whereas loneliness is an individual’s perception of the quality of those interactions. An individual can be… Continue reading Signs of Social Isolation