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Click to download our Links2Care EarlyON Fall Schedule 2023

  • FREE programs, activities, resources for Halton Hills children 0 to their 6th birthday and their parents or caregivers
  • Weekdays, weekends and evenings
  • In person, drop-in, registered and online (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Connect with other parents, children, families, and caregivers
  • Early years professionals for answers, advice, referrals and resources
  • Ask about other supports including food and essentials, Holiday Giving, Backpack program, Income Tax, help with utilities, and assistance with financial, housing, health and other issues.


EarlyON Locations


  • Acton EarlyON Centre | Band Hall, 85 Wallace Street, Acton, ON L7J 2G1  |  519-853-2574
  • Acton Community Hub | MSB, 69 Acton Blvd., Acton, ON L7J 2G1  |  905-873-6502
  • NEW! Acton Cobblehill Co-operative | 53 Cook Street, Acton, ON (at Cobblehill Road)


  • Georgetown EarlyON Centre | 8 James Street, Georgetown, ON L7G 2H3  |  905-873-2960
  • NEW! St. Andrews United Church | 89 Mountainview Road South
  • NEW! Salvation Army Church | 271 Mountainview Road South

EarlyON Opportunities:

Children can engage, learn and develop with their Parents or Caregiver

In person and online programs for parents and/or caregivers to participate in together with their child to encourage positive interaction toward enhancing healthy social, physical, intellectual, and emotional child development.

Parents or Caregivers can get help, broaden their knowledge, connect and share

In person and online programs where parents and caregivers can come together in a group discussion setting to socialize and learn from each other and to benefit from the advice of professionals trained in early childhood development.

Access to our Early Years Resources and Take Home Activities

A variety of books, videos, tapes, articles, parent/child kits and other supportive resources are available in the Georgetown and Acton Centres during program hours. Connect with EarlyON staff for assistance in finding information on child development, parenting, family life, community resources and much more.

EarlyON Current Schedule

EarlyON Program Descriptions

NOTE: Always check the current schedule as not all programs are scheduled every month or at all locations

Adult & Child Together (AEO, GEO, Acton Hub, St. Andrews) 0-6 yrs. Join us in person for indoor & outdoor activities and games that you can play with friends! Some activities include painting, science experiments, dramatic centre, water play, puzzles and more! This is a great way to meet others in the community and experience new activities that will be provided by the EO staff.

Wee Ones (AEO & Acton Hub) 0-36mths. This program provides an opportunity for young children to explore age-appropriate materials and interact with children of similar ages and developmental stages. This program also provides an opportunity for parents, caregivers, and designated adults to interact, share stories and meet new people.

Let’s Read! Let’s Move Together! (AEO) All ages Join others while staff read a storybook with movement and songs embedded in the story. We will activate our minds & bodies though songs, stories, and movement in creative ways along with the story.

Little Goslings (GEO) 12-36mths. Join this program with your mobile child(ren) for active songs & rhymes with instruments, props, music & movement.
No registration required.

Cooking Up a Story (GEO) 2.5-6yrs. Feeling hungry? Ready for a morning snack?  Come join the EarlyON staff for an hour of an interactive themed story and a healthy snack that we all make together!

Wellness Wednesdays (GEO) 2.5-6yrs. You and your child together will be introduced to breathing exercises, stretches, yoga poses & more while calming your body to soft music. Dress comfortably.

Baby Songs (GEO) 0-not yet crawling This program is based on songs, music, rhymes and interactions between baby and parent.  The aim is to have fun, soothe, nurture, and promote trust in a relaxing, stress-free manner for both baby & parent.

Circle of Security (Acton Hub) At times all parents feel lost or without a clue about what our child might need from us. Imagine what it might feel like if you were able to make sense of what your child was really asking from you. The Circle of Security Parenting™ program is based on decades of research about how secure parent-child relationships can be supported and strengthened.

Kids & Me Neighbourhood Groups (Salvation Army, Cobblehill Co-op) 0-6yrs. Come join this early learning program and meet other children & parents/caregivers.  There you will play with toys and do fun activities.  A healthy snack, coffee or tea is provided.  As a parent, you get advice about parenting & health child development from and RECE, Early Literacy Specialist, a Developmental Consultant, and a Public Health Nurse.

EarlyON Craft and Activity Kits

NOTE: not all kits are available every month – please check the current schedule

EO Parent Resource Sheets 0-6yrs. On Mondays, 3 different resource links on specific topics surrounding child development will be posted on the Facebook and Instagram pages.

EarlyON Fun Activity Kits (video & kits) 2-6yrs Enjoy simple fun activities with your child at home such as fine motor, gross motor, sensory or S.T.E.M. activities. Kits include all materials required to join in. May contain small parts. FREE Kits are available at the Georgetown & Acton EO location Mondays-Wednesdays outside.

EarlyON Craft Kits (video & kits) 1-6yrs. Staff guide your child through a craft idea with items from the kits and from around the house. Imagination is the key. It is the process, not the product that counts. FREE Kits available at Acton & Georgetown EO locations Mondays-Wednesdays outside.