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  • Payments or services received after your statement issue date will be reflected on your next statement
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to accept payment by cash or credit card

1. Pay by Cheque:

  • Make cheques payable to “Links2Care”
  • Mail to Links2Care at 2030 Bristol Circle, Suite 202, Oakville, ON L6H 0H2
  • or Give to any Links2Care employee, including your Front-Line Worker, to bring to our Finance Department

2. Pay at your Bank

Choose one of the following banking options:

  • Telephone Banking
  • Bank Machine Banking
  • Pay at a bank teller
  • On-Line Payment from your bank (“Internet Banking”)

To “Add a New Payee’: type “Links” and wait for the system to provide choices, then select “Links2Care”.

If your Client Account Number begins with “AC”: remove the “AC” and add five zeroes to the end to get a 14-digit account number

3. Tel Pay (“Internet Banking”):

  • Register at
  • This service withdraws from your bank account (all financial institutions) and sends the payment to Links2Care.

4. Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD):

  • This service authorizes Links2Care to pay your bill by withdrawing directly from your bank account
  • Send a completed L2C PAD Agreement 2021 (click to download) with a VOID cheque (or your banking information from your bank) to Links2Care via

– Mail: 33-360 Guelph Street, Georgetown, ON L7G 4B5.

– Fax: 905- 873-6195.

– Scan and Email: [email protected]

  • You will still get your statement at the beginning of the month, but don’t pay it as payment will come out of your account automatically.
  • You will have at least 10 days to review your statement before your account is charged.
  • Call us to report any errors and we will make adjustments before charging your account.
  • If we don’t hear from you, your bank will be charged on approximately the 20th day of the month (may be 1-2 days later).
  • Your payment will be shown on your next month’s statement.